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Do you like Chocolate Cake?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Do you like Chocolate Cake? We do. We make many different flavors of chocolate cake. Our most popular chocolate cake would have to be the Chocolate cake with Boiled icing. Boiled icing is like melted marshmallow with a tasty flavor of brown sugar. OMG. The cakes that you see above are. The first cake is Chocolate Turtle cake with chocolate creamy icing, caramel and chocolate drizzled topped with Turtle bar. The middle cake is the Ferraro Roucher cake with old fashion chocolate drizzled with chocolate and the 3rd cake is the Truffle cake also drizzled with chocolate. Are we making you hungry yet?

Here are three more of our popular chocolate cakes. The first one is our Peanut Butter Cookie Dough cake filled with peanut butter cookie dough and rolled peanut butter balls on top. Finished off with chocolate drizzle. The middle cake is our Chocolate Candy Bar cake. This is a Triple layer cake iced with Old Fashion Chocolate then drizzled with chocolate and topped with your favorite candy bar. The 3rd cake is our Chocolate Earthquake with 3 different icing, reg buttercream, old fashion chocolate and chocolate creamy icing. Topped with caramel and Skor bits then drizzle with chocolate. Okay, my belly is grawling.

Here are a few more chocolate cakes that we do. The first one is our popular Chocolate cake with boiled icing. The middle one is our chocolate cake with our chocolate creamy icing with a chocolate sign on top drizzle with chocolate. The last cake is our Chocolate Delight cake with two different icing, our original creamy icing and old fashion chocolate. Drizzled with chocolate along the side with chocolate dollops on top of the cake and chocolate belgiun chocolate.

Which Chocolate cake is your favorite?

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