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Unicorn Birthday Cakes

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Are you looking to order a Unicorn Cake? We make Unicorn Cakes in all different sizes and colors. The Unicorn eyes we made them squint .The three cakes above are all done with our original creamy icing, it can also be done with regular buttercream. The Unicorn are done with milk chocolate and the ears can be done in fondant or chocolate. We prefer doing the ears in chocolate.

We also do different styles on cute animal cakes as well. Above we created a Horse Cake with fondant ears and fondant nose. It's iced with old fashion chocolate buttercream, you can also go with our chocolate creamy icing which is also delicious. The middle image above is or own creation of a Kitty Kat Cake. It has fondant paws and white chocolate ears.

We also make two tier Unicorn cakes. The two tier cakes that you see above are all done with our original creamy icing. You can also ask for our regular buttercream to cover the cake. For pricing and availability, it's best to call the shop at 506-778-8756.

Here we created a 10" Round Unicorn Cake with a small smash cake on the side. A great little cake for your special 1 year old child. Great for pictures.

Which Unicorn Cake do you like from the pictures above? Click Here to view more of our Unicorn Cakes.

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Angela McGraw
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