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Pina Colada Cake

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Do you love Pina Colada Cake? We make Pina Colada Cake in all different sizes. You can get it in a 6 inch round, 8 inch round, 10 inch round, 12 inch round. You can even get it in a 1/4 slab or really any shape at all. Just let us know for how many people you will be serving and we can help you out with the size.

Our Pina Colada Cake we use our original creamy icing on a vanilla cake. The filling is filled with crushed Pineapple mixed with creamy icing.

For the topping we decorate the top with creamy icing dollops, then we spread toasted coconut on top and then we finish it off with long steam cherry.

If your ever wanted to place an order with us. You can message us here on our website, Facebook, Instagram, email or just call us at 5067788756.

Enjoy one of our delicious Pina Colada Cake. There's No Cake Like A Patty Cake!!!

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